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Interview: With Sara Smeaton Apr.1.19

A conversation on midlife transformation and motherhood. Take a look.

Interview: The Louise H. Reid Show Mar.19.19

A conversation on having the courage to self-reinvent and queer motherhood. Take a listen on Louise H. Reid, iHeart Radio or iTunes Episode 44.

Interview: CBC Radio, Breakaway Feb.12.19

A conversation on relocating for love and all of the joys and challenges that come with it. Take a listen.

Interview: Julie in Conversation Dec.20.18

A conversation on navigating queer motherhood and self-reinvention in your 40’s. Take a listen.




Salut! I'm Michelle Osbourne, a communications professional, educator, multidisciplinary speaker and best of all queer mom. I started the journey of self reinvention at the age of 39, new partner at 40, new home at 41, first time mom at 42 and new career at 43. My goal is to empower and inspire other midlife women to take action in redesigning their lives.

Michelle XO



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