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About Me

I’m a social media enthusiast, a women’s rights advocate and a lover of everything creative . I’ve spent almost 25 years of my life working alongside highly influential people at some of the most elite organizations and I’m just now starting to find my way. The result, I’m a communications professional that specializes in helping community organizations, not-for-profits and entrepreneurs build communication plans and reinvent themselves. As an interdisciplinary speaker and adult educator, my passion is working alongside marginalized women by creating safe spaces for learning opportunities and networking so that their voices can be heard on a more global level . My self reinvention journey started when I was 39 years old; I left a bad marriage, met the love of my life, moved to another province, went back to school, learned a new language, started a new career and had a baby – all in the span of less than 5 years. Am I crazy or what? As a native Torontonian who currently resides in Québec City I am the underdog. Black, queer and anglophone. Needless to say, this journey of self reinvention and queer motherhood is an uphill battle that I wasn’t prepared for but, I’m winning. So, there you have it. Interesting or not I’m just like you, perfectly imperfect. Looking to find my way and kicking ass in the process. This is Uncomfortable Bliss.




Salut! I'm Michelle Osbourne, a communications professional, educator, multidisciplinary speaker and best of all queer mom. I started the journey of self reinvention at the age of 39, new partner at 40, new home at 41, first time mom at 42 and new career at 43. My goal is to empower and inspire other midlife women to take action in redesigning their lives.

Michelle XO



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